We knew with the restrictions set in place due to COVID-19, we'd have to get really creative for this year's birthday! We don't do birthday's small around here and I was determined that this year would be no different.

We decided on a luau theme a while ago, so we started with an invite!

Once we established we were doing a birthday parade (drive-by style), I started brainstorming how we would decorate the front of the house! I wanted a statement piece that was personalized! I loved the idea of having a "bid day" sorority type banner to hang in front of the garage. I was trying to stay low-budget and with quarantine, I had plenty of time to DIY something.

I used a drop cloth ($12) and acrylic paints that I had in a stash that's built up over the years. I basically stenciled on the bigger shapes and outlined the letters in marker of the color I wanted to paint them. I noticed that when I used pencil or pen, it would show through once the paint dried. So this project cost me about $12 and about a week or so of painting!

Once the banner was done, I could kind of formulate the rest of the decor! I knew I wanted a large balloon garland and some fun streamers. I reached out to a few local companies and they were a little costly than I was willing to spend on streamers. So, I took to Pinterest to see if was something I could do myself! Luckily, after some research it looked like it was mainly cutting plastic tablecloths into strips and tying them to string. Easy enough.

I hopped online to Party City and ordered about $30 worth of tablecloths and cut them into strips and looped+pulled them onto some twine. I did the first layer of longer strips, then went back through with shorter strips over top of those. For the $100 it saved me, I loved the look of them and it really pulled everything together.

The balloon garland was something I splurged on! I typically will do my own balloon garlands using this decorating strip from Party City, however, outdoor garlands are a whole different ball game that I wasn't willing to risk day of! I had used PosyNWA for another event and was very pleased with her process and customer service. She did an amazing job and is worth every penny!

One of my favorite things I had been seeing at these birthday parades, were these huge birthday numbers! I called around to a couple of local companies and they both were going to charge about $150. I knew that a piece of plywood was $13 at Lowe's and that my father-in-law had a circle saw that he could cut it out with. So we ended up making this "8" for about $25. 

After all the decor was up, it was party parade time! We're so thankful for our family + friends for showing up for our best girl!


After the parade wrapped up, we packed up all the decor and headed to Mimi's to continue our birthday luau! I decorated the pool and we soaked up the sun, opened presents, ate pizza and cake, and celebrated our 8 year old for the rest of the day!

Aloha, sweet girl! Happy Birthday!