Eight years old. I almost can't believe it.

May 23, 2012, we were 20 years old and our lives changed forever.

Over the last 10 weeks we've been quarantined and have spent more time together than we have over the last few years. We butt heads a majority of the time because we're practically the same person. We have the same frustrations and we're both perfectionists. When I've felt so defeated and like I'm letting them down, she'll come up and say, "I don't like quarantine and I do. When I'm at school and you have work, I only see you for like 3 hours each night because then it's bedtime. Now, I get to see you 24/7."

God bless her. She just knows what I need to hear, when I need to hear it.

Always looking on the bright side and putting things into perspective.

She's the best person I know. She loves makeup, doodling, writing, reading and learning new things. She loves to help in the kitchen and thanks to Disney+, we've watched Hannah Montana and Lizzie McGuire together and that's been so fun.

She wants to be a teacher or a dentist when she grows up. I've always had an appreciation for teachers, but nothing like that last 2 months that I've had to "home school". So whether a dentist or a teacher, oh the places she'll go and the lives she'll change along the way!

She loves to exercise and she taught herself to do a back handspring on the trampoline, which is amazing. She's a helper, just like her mama. She's always willing to lend a hand to those in need and she's eager to do so!

She's developed an attitude over the last year, something that caught us off guard since she's always been very go-with-the-flow. She's got an opinion and she's not afraid to share it. I'm thankful that she feels confident to speak up! We're striving to raise her to know her voice and use it!

We've had a lot of tough conversations this year about her body and how other's should respect it. It's a crazy world we live in and we want her to know she's always in control.

She loves Jesus and we love her. I truly can't believe it's been 8 years since she was born. It's seems like yesterday.

Happy birthday, sister girl.