Introducing, Mable Bolinger!

We are 1000% obsessed with our sweet pup! We adopted her in February and we are so in love. We've waited a long time for the perfect fit for our family and she is it. She's spunky, sweet and so cuddly!

This was the night we brought her home. We got her from a pet store in Joplin, MO.

We've had the best time getting to know her and teaching her lots of new things! Her most recent trick, shaking for treats! Seeing the kids light up when she does something fun, is the sweetest thing. We can't wait for all of the childhood memories she'll be apart of! One thing that's changed is I BAWL at every movie that has a dog story-line. It just hits different when you understand the feelings of possibly losing a dog! A dog's purpose, I lost it.

She's a full-blooded Golden Retriever and the first week we had her she was a fluff ball. When thinking of a name, I had to do some convincing to get Mable, but eventually they all gave in. I'm so thankful, because it's the perfect fit! I honestly can't even remember what the other contenders were!

We slept on the couch with her the first two nights because we were all fighting over her snuggles. The third night, we started kennel training, she yelped and yelped for about 30 minutes and then finally settled down. I think we got up around 2-3 times the first few nights until she realized she could potty on her puppy-pad. 

We are about 10 weeks in and she doesn't hardly have any accidents anymore. She can hold her bladder until morning. She usually goes out about 8:30p and we wake up and let her out about 7:30a. She will sit at the back door when she needs to go out and will bark if we're not quick enough to notice. She was a very fast learner!

As far as diet, she is a good eater! When we brought her home, we followed the recommended guidelines for her feeding schedule. It was 1/4 cup, three times a day. We fed her at 7:30a, 12:30p and 6:30p. We drove home on our lunch breaks for the first few weeks and then we went to 2 feedings a day. This also helped with her accidents. She would go potty almost every day and when we cut out her lunch feeding, we weren't having to laundry her bed/blanket every day!

Now she eats 1 1/4 Cups, twice a day. We feed her around 8a and 5:30p. Then she drinks water throughout the day.

We love her so much! We've all been so spoiled getting to stay home with her during quarantine. We are going to have to kennel train her allll over again when we head back to work in a month! We've loved getting this unexpected time with her as a puppy! She's a piece of our family we didn't know we needed, but now I don't even know what life was like without her.

This is our sweet Mable girl, February (left) + April (right). She's growing so fast!