How's everybody hanging in there?

We're two weeks into this nationwide quarantine and we're finally getting into our new routine! I've found that a loose routine is better for us. I tried a super strict daily schedule to keep us on track and just found that if one activity took us longer than normal, or I had a pop-up call that put learning on hold, then we would just seem frazzled the rest of the day.

So we decided that for our sanity that we would just start school at 8am and we would just knock it all out first thing in the morning! This way we would do a majority of the Google classroom work in the morning and the learning apps (Lexia, iReady, etc.) throughout the remainder of the day! That's really worked for us!

We're really enjoying our extra time together and it's been fun to have slow mornings with each other, verses rushed, dressed and out-the-door mornings! Trying to find the diamonds in the rough in all of this.