Our best girl turned six and despite the fact that I'm devastated that she's practically a teenager, we had a great time celebrating her birthday! It was her first party that we were able to invite school friends, which as you know includes 22 invites to the whole class. In a world where no one RSVPs anymore, we just planned for everyone and had all of the party essentials ready to go!

Until this year, I have always had the kids' parties planned out several months in advance, so come party day the only thing left to do is pick up the cake & balloons. This year, however, has been crazy hectic and apparently May is THE busiest time when you have a child in school. Literally field trips, and programs, and field days, conferences, and graduations. So, I dropped the ball and was scrambling. Scrambling, as in, sent the invites out the Friday before the party. Yikes.

On top of being scatter-brained, McKinlee isn't really into one certain thing right now, so I didn't have an easy go-to theme I could just throw together. We talked about unicorns, then fairies, then a makeup party, but I knew on my time crunch, I couldn't pull something together that I was confident would be cohesive. I was scouring Pinterest during teacher appreciation week (teachers are rockstars!) and I came across something that said "thanks for helping me grow", attached to a succulent.


Honestly, every year Justin and I look at each other and we're like, "we did it!" We made it another year, raising a daughter to be modest, kind and a leader, in a world that doesn't always appreciate women. We'd be crazy to think we could do it alone, though. I thought we would do the theme "Thanks for helping me grow", because we're so thankful for all of the people that pour into her, and that pour into us as parents.

Balloon Garland - DIY
Balloons are from our local party store
I used this tutorial from Momfessionals
Mini Succulents - Amazon
Mini Planters - Walmart
Plates, Cups, Forks - Premium Paper Products
Napkins - WithLove&Ink
Tablecloths - Favor Box Boutique
Confetti & Rose Gold Balloons - Sweet Escapes by Debbie
Striped table runners - Fabric Store LA
Lavender paper straws - Puppy Cat Crafts
Succulent Dress - Livanni

Chicken Tenders - Harps Food Store
Cake & Cupcakes - Haley Millis
Custom Cookies - Sweet Nothings Cookies
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Cucumber Sandwiches
Spinach Dip & Crackers
Raspberry Lemonade Punch
Fresh Fruit Platter