With 2018 on the horizon, I thought it would be a good time for a quick introduction and the meaning and intent behind The Fayetteville Mama.

I started this blog in 2012 when my daughter was born. It was originally created as a baby-book type page that I could update periodically for our family to stay informed. Over the past three years or so, as I have followed more bloggers, it's really become a chosen career path for some. Although, I don't expect my blog to become a career anytime soon, I do enjoy writing and the community that blogging brings. With that said, I decided to revamp my blog and I hope to post on a more regular basis in 2018.

I'm the mama of two sweet babes and wife to Justin (that's my crew up there!). I work full time and spend way too much money on birthday parties. I love that blogging connects you with so many different people and you learn that you're not alone in this crazy journey of motherhood. I've learned I'm not the only one that makes Bagel Bites for dinner and that's what it's all about. Knowing that being a Mom, is 100% the hardest job in the world, and that sometimes you just need to hear "you're doing a good job!"

I love calligraphy and although it ain't easy, I'm a huge Arkansas Razorback fan. Our children have been yelling "WOO PIG SOOIE" since they could talk. I can quote almost every Adam Sandler movie and sing every lyric to every Disney Jr. song, ever. If you like Dr. Pepper or know that no duo will ever top Mary-Kate and Ashley in the 90's then please leave a comment or follow me on Instagram because we need to be friends.

Since I work full-time as a management assistant, I am busy during the day, so that leaves blogging to the few hours I have in the evening, which I want to spend with my family. I am hoping to carve out 30 minutes each night to really invest in my blog and have exciting content that people want to read!

We live in one of the best cities in the USA. No, really, we're ranked #5 out of the "Top 100 places to live". I wanted my blog name to be something that was meaningful to me, but also was relevant to the my writing. My blog will mostly be posts about being a mom and things that we do around our town. I thought The Fayetteville Mama was something so fun, and really brought together two of my favorite things.

So here's to hoping this blog really grows in 2018.