Our best girl turns FIVE on Tuesday and we just can't believe it. Five years ago we were two , young, scared parents that we're wingin' it and she was so patient through it all. I feel like we've made it.

I usually try to encourage a theme that will be easy to execute, but this year she wanted Tangled and that's what we did. Our home flooded with a huge storm about three weeks before the party, so we were running around crazy replacing our floors, painting walls, installing baseboards - the whole nine yards! Not to mention, party day called for more rain, so we had to rearrange our party set-up.

Nevertheless, it was such a special day for our girl and we loved seeing her so happy.

The Snuggly Duckling is the bar in the movie - we served Pizza!

I typically never buy "themed" decorations from the party store, but these lanterns were too cute to pass up!

We always get a big themed balloon and I made this palace banner with my Silhouette machine.

Each year I make a themed banner that says "Happy Birthday McKinlee"!

She told me she wanted a cake 2 days before her party - Harps Bakery for the win!

I discovered these cookies at her 4th birthday party and I've ordered them at every party since. They are always decorated perfect and they taste just as good!

Bubba loving on baby Bryn!

We hired NWA Party Princesses to send Rapunzel to our party - it was worth every penny.

She has the heart of a true princess - always willing to share. Love her so much!

We played hide & seek!

Gift of the year - her pack of gum from Mimi.... #kids

She said this was the "best birthday ever!" and that makes it all worth it.
Happy Birthday, McKinlee Gray!