So much to be thankful for this holiday season! We've got two good jobs, two healthy babies, our own health and a home to make memories in. My brothers spent the night Wednesday and we woke up and headed to my Grandma's around 10am. Hung out with all of the cousins and ate lots of food! My Grandma Susan made the best hashbrown casserole, oh my goodness, can't wait to go and eat leftovers today!

After that, we headed to our second Thanksgiving dinner at Justin's mom's house and we hung out outside most of the day. Once it cooled off we built a fire and hung out on the porch while we ate leftover turkey. We headed home once it got dark, watched a few episdoes of Doc McStuffins and headed to bed!

McKinlee loved showing off her pumpkin pie shirt to everyone!

This is our 6th Thanksgiving together and feeling so thankful for him each day.

Daddy's best girl!

How the first 18 pictures went...

Daddy's sweet boy!

Love this sweet family of mine so much! I have so much to be thankful for!

Also, drum roll, Holly is back! Tonight we'll read the book with McKinlee and Carter and tell them all about how she watches and reports to Santa, whether they've been good or not! I'm excited to see Carter's reactions this year to her shenanigans!

Elf on the Shelf: Target