48 out of 52. He's four weeks away from being one and it went by way too fast. He is the sweetest little mama's boy and I'm still so thankful each day that I have a son.

Weight: 21.1lbs
Height: 29 inches

Food | He is pretty much eating whatever we do! I've noticed he loves potato soup, it's his sister's favorite too! He has lost all interest in green beans. Still loves to snack on cheerios and baby cereal bars. We started him on whole milk the beginning of the month about 4oz, twice during the day and then he still nurses twice in the evening usually. He loves italian ice popsicles, he's eaten one every day this summer, plus I think it helps with his incoming teeth!

Sleep | He is still an excellent sleeper! Sleeps 11-12 hours each night in his crib. He was going down really easily in the evenings, like I would just lay him down and he would fall asleep. Now, he's been in a mood where he wants to lay in our bed and nurse, and then make us laugh for about 10 minutes or so by being super cute and then I usually take him to his bed and he'll fall right asleep. He's seriously the best.

Size | Still size 4 diapers, 12 month pants, 2T shirts, 5C shoes. Can't wait for fall!

Firsts | Top left middle tooth - 07/21/2016
               Whole milk

The Fun Stuff | He is getting really close to walking, he's so fast at crawling and loves to hang on to the couches and coffee table to walk around the living room. He loves to be in the bathroom *eyeroll* so we always have to make sure the doors are shut so he won't play in the toilet. He loves open his door as soon as he wakes up, he will reach from his crib and fling it open and just stand there at the corner looking out in the hall for someone to come get him out! He is getting more and more brave around his sister, not nearly as jumpy as he used to be. He still gets a little anxious when she screams, but for the most part, he can't live with her, can't live without her.