Well we've had a busy couple of months as we've transitioned into summer! Carter is growing like crazy and I cannot believe in 3 short months he'll be O N E.

Weight: 21 pounds
Height: 29 inches

Food | We're pretty much full time table foods and snacks! He will typically drink two 5oz bottles a day and will nurse about four times in the evenings. He likes almost everything that he's tried so far, mostly he'll eat mashed potatoes with us, i'll cut up green beans for him, puffs and cheetos.

Sleep | He started sleeping in his crib at night on June 3, 2016 and has slept 11 hours each night since! E L E V E N. I am one rested mama!

Size | Welp,  he's pretty much wearing 2T tanks and shirts this summer and all his shorts and trunks are 12 months. Size 4 diapers. Size 5c shoes!

Firsts| May 26, 2016 - tubes in his ears
June 2, 2016 - got his first tooth - his other three are comin' in hot
May 5, 2016 - started crawling!! and he pulls up on everything!

the FUN stuff | He has been so vocal the past month, he says mama, bubba, and occasionally something that sounds similar to papa. we work on dada a lot ;) maybe he'll say it this weekend for father's day! Since his surgery for tubes, he's been SO much happier - you can tell is whole demeanor has changed because he isn't in pain anymore with all the fluid behind his ears! He's finallyhaving fun with his sister for the most part - she's still a little rough sometimes but we're getting better! Once he starts walking we'll be off to the races! When he smiles really big he'll scrunch his nose and show his tooth, so sweet!