1/2 a year! I can't believe it - even though this is a month and a half behind, it's still crazy to me that our sweet boy is already to the halfway mark! It's been the best six months as a family of four and we're so thankful for him each day!

Weight: 20.8lbs
Height: 28inches

Food | He is a boy! So the way to his heart is of course through his big ol' belly. He is still nursing 5-6 times a day, plus his 3 bottles of breastmilk he gets during the day at school. He eats a fruit around 7am once he arrives at daycare, almost as his breakfast. He has a vegetable around 11am for lunch, while also snacking on puffs in between, here and there.

Sleep | We're finally sleeping through the night, probably 50% of the week! So that makes the work week go by a little easier for the rest of us! Still will wake up some nights around 3-4am, but for the most part will sleep 8:30pm-6:00am.

Size | CPB is wearing mostly 12-18mo clothes, some 2T shirts, I like them loose. He's not actually THAT big ;) but he looks comfy in them. Pajamas he wears 6-12 months and those fit snug. Diapers size 3, we moved on up and noticed less blowouts. Everyone was winning there.

Firsts | First Word "bubba" or "bye bye" we're not sure which it is, but it's the cutest thing e v e r. {March 17, 2016}
First Razorback Baseball game

the FUN stuff | My favorite thing right now is our one-on-one time when we get home from work, and he will nurse and just look up at me with this little grin out of the sides of his mouth and I just know he missed me and that even though I don't get to spend more time with him throughout the day, that I'm still his most favorite person. He is becoming very verbal with his cooing and his sister is the only one that can make him laugh, and I actually love that. When we want a picture of him smiling we'll always call her in for the giggles. I love watching them grow up together.