We kicked off Thanksgiving week celebrating with this sweet girl for her school Thanksgiving lunch! She loves showing off her brother and her mama!


I started the holiday week by getting off work two hours early, so I was in a super happy mood when I went to go get the kids! Justin's mom had taken Carter for his 2 month shots and then picked McKinlee up and mentioned that her eye was a little gunky, like please stop. So, I ran to Justin's work where the pharmacist told me that it sounded like pink eye. I quickly called and made her an appointment, since the office wouldn't be open for the rest of the week. Here we are, 18 hours before Thanksgiving dinner with 40+ people, and yep she has pink eye and an ear infection. They prescribed her eye drops {devil drops for any parent with a 3 year old}, seriously, she became a crazy person when we had to drop these in her eyes, we got an antibiotic for her ear and they went ahead and gave us a cream for Carter just in case he got pink eye over the weekend.



Anyways, we dosed her up with medicine Wednesday night in hopes that it would be better by morning. Also, I'm not trying to be that crazy, weird mom, but I did hear that breast milk heals pink eye, so I pumped some and squirted it in her eye and I don't know if it worked or not, but all I am saying is that her eye was pretty much cleared up in the morning, no gunk or anything, just slightly red in the inner corner. Call it what you will, so we gave her a morning dose of antibiotic and her eye drops twice, all while baking three corn casseroles, before we left for the day.



We arrived at our Thanksgiving dinner, and all that mom worry of giving someone else pink eye went away, family and friends and food and playing outside and passing babies around for cuddles! So much fun and I love family time so much! We played cards, the kids played soccer and chased all the dogs around and we just had a great time!

After we left, we ran home to change into comfy clothes and braved target for some great sales! Friday, it was rainy and cold so we hung out at Justin's parent's house while he worked!







Also, went and got my new driver's license Monday morning :) EEK!