Three months - how is that possible. I feel like I was just complaining that he was not here yet and how miserably hot is was and now here we are, 90 days later and it's chilly outside. The holidays are my favorite time of the year, mostly because it's just filled with lots of family time, including all the comfort food and card games! I can't wait to share all that with my sweet family of four this year!

Weight: 15.11 lbs {98%}
Height: 24.75 inches

Food | He usually falls asleep around 10pm, will wake up at 4am to eat, fall back asleep until I wake him up to get ready around 6:30am, feed him around 6:50am, then we'll drop him off at school. He'll take a bottle around 9am, 11am, 2pm and 4pm. Then I feed him at 5:40pm once we get home, and then 7pm, 9pm amd then I'll top him off around 10 before he falls asleep. His spitting up is still there, but the pediatrician said he's gaining weight just fine, so that he's just a happy baby that loves food.

Sleep | Being in school has really helped his sleep schedule. He will fall asleep around 10pm and sleep a good 6 hours in the pack-n-play beside our bed before he wakes up again at 4am. He takes 2 big naps during the day at school, typically from about 7:30am-9am and 11:30am-2:15pm. They say that he will cat-nap here and there between 3pm and the time I pick him up around 5:30pm.

Size | He has officially grown out of 0-3 month clothes. We're strictly in 3 month onesies and pants and all rompers and footie pajamas are 3-6 months. He has a few tshirts that are 3 months - so I think 6-18 month shirts would fit over that belly better. I love how chunky he is, just like his sister was! Still wearing size 2 diapers.

Firsts | No major firsts this month, except he's starting to hold his head up very well.

the FUN stuff | He is loving the bath these days - he will splash and coo and get so excited, we'll usually put him in there and let him play for about 15-20 minutes, he just is so smiley when he's playing in the water. He has started smiling at us if he makes eye contact and it's the sweetest thing ever. He is still adjusting really well to daycare. He loves, loves, loves his bumbo! He'll sit and watch TV with his sister and it's the sweetest thing and it helps me get dinner ready in the evenings! He is starting to warm up to McKinlee - he smiles at her now even if she is always up in his face. I can't wait to watch their relationship blossom!

He will do tummy time for about 15 minutes during the day at school and then we try to do 10-15 minutes as night as well, not only for his development, but to make sure he doesn't get any bald spots! I still get so giddy that I have a son. I'm just so blessed to have a mama's boy to watch grow into a man that is gonna be just as caring and sweet as his daddy is. I pray that he is strong in his faith and always holds his sister accountable as they grow up together. I just love being a mom.

Love this comparison of McKinlee and Carter! We've been thinking Carter is gonna have blue eyes but when I see them side by side, both at 3 months, I think he is gonna have his daddy's hazel eyes. and I don't hate that :)

They love to cuddle after their bath!

Bedtime stories with Daddy!