I had dreamed of  this day since our fourth month of dating, that sounds kind of crazy, but I just always knew. I remember I started this book of ways we would decorate our house, recipes I would make him and even the names for our children. I just knew he was the one. You can read our story here, basically we got pregnant with McKinlee, but I didn't want us to marry one another because we were having a baby together. So here we are almost five years later, and we did it. We got married! We didn't really tell anyone, so you can imagine the surprise/shock of our friends and loved ones, but it has been the most perfect 72 hours of my life, being a wife.


Most of you that know us, know we've lived together for 4 years, so I didn't really think getting married would change my feelings that much. I already feel so much happier and more confident in my relationship with him! I feel more secure in myself, knowing that I am his forever. Being his wife is such a blessing and I will live everyday to show him and our children how blessed and thankful we are to have him.


Our wedding day was a little unconventional, but if you look at our track record, that's the way we like to do things. I just got back to work from maternity leave, so I haven't accrued too much PTO, so I told him since the kids had flu shot appointments Friday, that we can just swing by the courthouse after that, and get married. So, I worked a little overtime, and got to work Friday, where my work girls threw me a surprise bridal brunch and then my boss let me leave at noon.

Justin got off around the same time, we met at home and then headed to the courthouse. On the way there, I had so many butterflies in my stomach, not because I was nervous, but because the thought of being his wife within the hour, had me so excited, I couldn't stand it. We arrived at the courthouse, got our license and made our way to the lawyer right down the street. I just googled "Fayetteville Justice of Peace" and called the first one that popped up.


So we arrive, and we walked into the most dated building with wood paneling on the walls and this unique smell, like an old library or something, but I was just thinking, "this is gonna be good." We entered his office and he was rambling to his assistant about a file they couldn't find that he had searched high and low for, while we patiently waited for him to notice us standing right in front of him. Once he did, we let him know we were there to get married, he said with a disgruntled voice, "wait in that far room and I'll be right with ya!" So we did. We sat down and just look at each other and smiled, like maybe it won't be too bad. Minutes later, he walked over and asked for our license and confirmed our names, then said to wait just a few more minutes while he filled it out. So we did.

While he was gone, we just smiled, nervously excited for what was about to happen, and how it was going to happen. I just remember we whispered "I love you" probably a dozen times while we waited. All of a sudden we hear a voice say, "can you help me with a custody case?", and he went on to explain the situation, which included the baby mama being in jail, and this grumpy, old, southern lawyer, just replied, "let me marry these folks right quick and I'll be right with ya!" Justin and I died, silently laughing as he walked in and said "are you ready?"

We stand up thinking we're gonna go to some altar or something, but he just shouts, "well stand over there, and we'll get this done!" So, here we are, standing in this musky waiting room, with old church pews and highlight magazines from 2002, about to be husband and wife. He read off the vows, Justin said "I do", he started to read them again, I teared up as I said "I do." He then said "I now pronounce you man and wife, you may kiss your bride" and then walked out. He handed us our license and wished us well, as we walked out, I looked at Justin laughing and said "I don't know why I am crying!" He replied, "Probably because that was not how you pictured this going at all!" As awful and grumpy as that lawyer was, he married us, we were married and I was so happy.

It's a day we'll always remember and we'll always have a funny story to tell, and I am glad we got to share it just the two of us. Each time we hear a wedding story, we'll think of that day and laugh, and each time we hear that lawyer's name we're gonna have a story to tell, it's just the most perfect feeling, being his wife.

After we returned our license to the courthouse, we ran the kids to get their flu shots, took some family pictures, and then had olive garden for dinner to celebrate, I signed the receipt Baylee Bolinger, and it was the perfect ending to a perfect day!