Life is so fun with our sweet baby boy! I can't believe he is already TWO months old. It doesn't feel like it. I went back to work this month and it was so hard to leave him but I look forward to his sweet smirk and cuddles when I pick him up!

We have a 2 month check-up including vaccines on Friday, so these are estimates!
Weight: about 12 lbs
Height: about 24 inches

Food | Well since we started daycare two weeks ago, he typically nurses 6 times a day and then takes 3-4 bottles during the day while I am at work. Our day starts with him nursing at 4:30-5am, I will let him sleep while I get ready, then nurse him at 6:50-7:05am to top him off right before we leave the house. He takes 3-4oz bottles, 3-4 times a day, with his last feeding at 4pm so he's ready to nurse when I pick him up at 5:30pm. I then feed him at 7:30p, 9:30, top him off at 10:30 and then he wakes to eat around 2am and then we start our day all over again.

Sleep | He is still from 10:30pm-3am, then wakes up around 5am and will sleep until I start getting him ready for daycare. This week he didn't sleep very good at school, he had 4 one-hour naps, but then he'll sleep from 6-7:30 at home while we cook and eat dinner. Then he'll stay awake pretty much until he goes to sleep at 10:30p.

Size | We're finishing out our last box of size 1 diapers and then we'll move up to 2's. He's also in 0-3 month and 3 month onesies and pants, but most rompers or one pieces are 3-6 months, he's gonna be tall like his Daddy!

Firsts | Moby Wrap {09/26/2015}
Smile {10/21/2015}
Vaccines {11/06/2015}

the FUN stuff | He's still such a cuddler and a major mama's boy, which I love. I can't wait to pick them up and just get all the snuggles. We typically get home, we'll snuggle up on the couch, I'll nurse him and McKinlee will sit next to us and eat fruit snacks while we watch the evening news. He finally smiles when you talk to him and it's literally the sweetest thing ever. We get a coo, every now and then but mainly just smiles! He is starting to like his baths a little better now. I still can't drink sweet tea, even though I do here and there because I can't not. That's really the only thing I've noticed. He's not a fan of getting into the carseat - but once we're driving he'll usually calm down.

McKinlee has gotten a lot better with Carter since his newness has worn off a little, she still gets really close to his face when she talks to him and if he's on the floor she'll jump over him, so we're getting there. He's just the most chill baby, and I love his company. He loves to be outside, so we take his bouncy seat out there and he'll just chill while we all hang out. He's gotten over his cranky 8-10:30pm stage since he started daycare, so that's nice for us, makes our evening routine a little easier. He seems to be doing well with Ms. Gala at daycare and I am so thankful, it makes me rest easy during the day knowing he's being well taken care of. These next few months are when they start getting more interactive and playful so I am excited to see his little personality start developing!

little brother!

my heart!

Sunday cuddles after church!

I can't believe he changed this much in 5 weeks!

Big sister is such a little mama!

This face!

I stayed home with McKinlee for the first 22 months of her life, so I pumped maaaybe three times with her. However, with Carter I was home six weeks and now I am back at work. With McKinlee, when I would pump, I would only get 2-3 oz total after 20 minutes, my breasts just didn't care for the pump. I had so much anxiety that it was going to be the same this time around and I wouldn't be able to continue nursing him. I am so excited that I was wrong and pumping has gone great.

My typical day looks like this:
Nurse - 6:50am Drop-off
Pump - 10am
Pump - 1:30pm
Pump - 3:30pm
Nurse - 5:30pm Pick-up

I have been able to pump 8oz each time, for a total of 5 bags to freeze once I get home. I have been sending him to daycare with 4 bags and sometimes he'll drink all of them and sometimes there is a leftover bag for the following day. I have my supply about 8 days ahead. I am not going to lie, I yearn for the weekends when I can be with him for each feeding.