We had a busy last week of maternity leave filled with lots of bittersweet moments. My best friend growing up got MARRIED. It was the most beautiful ceremony and it was so laid back, yet so fancy and it all came together perfectly. McKinlee was the flower girl and I was so nervous she would act up but she did great! Funny story, I nursed Carter right before the ceremony and he had a blowout and pooped on my dress, like a good sized stain. I hid it from Bailey, so she wouldn't stress, wiped it off the best I could and walked down the aisle. Then I nursed him once during the wedding and when I got down he spit up ALL down my dress. I was like, "there's not a lot to say." #momlife Nonetheless, it was perfect and McKinlee whipped-and-nae-naed her little heart out!

Rehearsal dinner!

Bridal brunch!

Hair appointment - let me just say if you're local, check out PURE Salon in Bentonville! I loved my hair and it was only $35 for the "Miami" blowout!

The only bachelor allowed to hangout with all us ladies!

girl loves her aunt Gracie!

Auntie Bailey dressed up like a princess!

My boys were such troopers the whole day!

Sunday, we spent the whole day soaking up our babies since I would head back to work Monday, which means easy dinners and laundry being on the couch until I can get to it Friday night while I watch 20/20. That's usually my routine, I'll stay up and watch my Friday night shows and fold laundry.

Monday, I dropped the kids off at school and was a HOT mess and so sad to leave him but he had a great day and Ms. Gala sent me some pictures throughout the week to keep my mama heart happy! I think we're gonna be just fine.