the countdown is on - 5 weeks or less.
...and if we're being honest - i'd be fine with less as long as he's healthy

How Far along | 34 weeks

Size of baby | Weighs as much as a Cantaloupe {4lbs,17 inches}

Gender | BOY

Maternity clothes | My mom brought me some leggings from Maternity Motherhood - I told Justin I NEED them in every color.

Movement | Tons and tons of movement! I love it so much! Contractions are getting stronger and more frequent - I had 7 within two and a half hours on Monday at work  - called the doctor and he said as long as they aren't 3-7 minutes apart consistently that he's just practicing for his arrival. 
Sleep | I didn't get up at all to pee last night - so that's a miracle.

Cravings | my "diet" is going okay. I broke the rules and weighed myself but excited because I haven't gained any weight since my last appointment. I am excited to learn so much about portion control - it has really made me aware of the amount of food I've been eating. I am pregnant and do have cravings - so I just pack healthy portioned snacks and a lunch for the day at work and then if I want something sweet then I'll get it. Trying to only drink tea, water and orange juice sometimes in the morning.

Best moment of the week | Well since we missed our 33 week post, I'll catch you up on that - our sweet girl went to the doctor for hand, foot, mouth and an ear infection. I took a sick day with her on Thursday cause my allergies have been acting up - so we just rested and watched Netflix most of the day. Lots of popsicles and cuddles for her. Best moment for week 33 was finally getting over that. Also, my parents are in town so that's fun - McKinlee spent most of the week with them and is loving playing with uncle Mason. BEST MOMENT OF WEEK 33 - Sweet baby Mayson Faith made her arrival. So thankful for a healthy baby for my friend and that you can already see the sweet mother-daughter bond they're going to have, so many happy tears.

Lots of resting and cuddles to get rid of the nasty stuff!

Took these sweet girls to meet Elsa + Ana at the ice skating rink!

Mayson Faith Mills
July 27, 2015

Justin just gushed over how sweet and teeny she was! 
He's excited to have another small baby around the house soon!