EIGHT weeks
I seriously cannot wait.

How Far along | 31 weeks

Size of baby | Coconut {3.3lbs 16 inches}

Gender | BOY!

Maternity clothes | Seriously, the heat index is 110 this week. Having babies in the summer months is not for the fainthearted. Props to my grandmother who did it twice.

Movement | Justin felt his hiccups this weekend and it was so sweet - it's the craziest thing. We were in a wedding this weekend and he was doing all sorts of crazy stuff while I was anxiously standing up in front of a church.

Sleep | This weekend was busy, but for the most part getting some good sleep.

Cravings | Still without a oven/range until our gas leak is fixed {the homeowners warranty company is a joke and I can assure you they don't like dealing with this hormonal, pregnant woman who has been craving homemade enchiladas for 2 weeks now}. Barq's rootbeer, drinking one of those a day, along with ice cold water. Chips Ahoy chocolate chunk cookies and as always Chickfila.

Best moment of the week | Monday I had a 30 week check up and Carter's heartbeat was a healthy 146! Friday, wedding festivities for some friends started off with a mani and pedi for me which was much needed, Red Lobster for lunch and then wedding stuff all day Saturday. Sunday we went to church and since Scott and Courtney were in town they came with us too! We went to Applebee's for lunch and had a relaxing afternoon before starting our week.

So Courtney is Scott's fiancé. They are expecting a boy in about a month and I hope our boys have the same sweet friendship their daddy's have had for so many years!