3. Three years. 1,095 days. 26,280 hours. You get it, my baby is growing up on me.

It seems like just yesterday we were sitting on the back porch at Justin's parents house and she was 5 days old and we had to stay there for a week because my c-section abdomen couldn't make it up the stairs at our apartment complex. The one bedroom apartment that we crammed all of our stuff into, because we were two twenty year old kids that got thrown into parenthood way too soon.
It was literally the best thing that's ever happened to us. Being parents. That's the best.

She will never know the favor she did us, and we'll spend forever trying to thank her and God for letting us be her parents. Enough sappy business - my sweet 7lb baby is turning into a sassy threenager and I'm gonna tell you all about it. {lots of pictures included}

We don't have your 3 year well-check until June 5 - but you like to step on the scale when daddy weighs himself and you're at a steady 34lbs.

You wear 3T shorts/pants - 4T dresses/rompers - 5T shirts to cover that big ol' belly + size 9T shoe.
You love bubbles, gardening {read: playing in the dirt}, swinging, jumping on the trampoline, flash cards, baby dolls and reading, lots of reading.

You're favorite foods are chicken nuggets, cuties, bananas, grapes, strawberries, french fries, fruit snacks, apple sauce, any fruit cup, all candy ever, granola bars and ice cream.
You are still an excellent eater - you always have been. I thought the older you got the pickier you would get, but thankfully I was wrong. Some of your favorite meals are: Papa's grilled shrimp. enchilladas, quesidillas, grilled cheese, any casserole I decide to throw together, grilled pork chops, grilled corn. I love that you'll try anything before you decide if you like it or not, I hope you continue that at the dinner table and in life.
You are pretty much potty trained, you only wear pull ups at night.
You have the most precious manners, almost always say please when asking for something and when we sit down for dinner you will always say "thank you mommy, for making this for me." sweetest. ever. 

We are working on your sleep schedule. You slept with us until you were about 9 months old and we finally transitioned you to your crib. You slept great with rain forest lullabies. When we moved to our house you were 2.5 and I thought you would do just fine without the music - so we just did a night light. We got you a twin sized bed about 3 months ago and the transition has been kind of rough. We get into Mom and Dad's bed at 8:15-8:30 and watch one episode of Sofia the First and then read you a book in your bed, and then you go to sleep --- cry until we give you a thousand "one more hug and one more kiss" and then after about 30 minutes of screaming, you'll fall asleep. It's tragic and breaks my mama heart.

You have ALL your teeth + love "getting the bugs off".
Your vocabulary is phenomenal. I loved you being a baby, but I love even more being able to have an entire conversation with you like two girlfriends at a coffee shop. I pick you up everyday after work and you'll say "how was work today?" I'll reply "kind of busy." and you'll just say "oh, okay."
You love being outside! You got a trampoline for Christmas and we got you a playhouse/swingset for your birthday, you call it your castle and you asked to go outside everyday when we get home. Thankful for grilling season, you play, daddy grills and mommy relaxes. We are enrolling you in soccer for the fall season! So exciting!

Your creative/pretend play is something I love sneaking up on you and watching. You're loving "grocery shopping" right now. You get a "list" and pack whatever you can in your shopping cart and always kiss us goodbye. So sweet!
You're going to be a BIG SISTER. I am so thankful that we're able to give you a sibling to grow up with. You have finally started calling him a boy, rather than sister. You give my belly lots of hugs and kisses and when we get home from school and change into our comfy clothes, you'll pull my shirt up and say "how was your day Carter?"  I can't wait to watch the two of you grow up together.
The last three years have been a whirlwind of happy, sad and driving me crazy with your sassy attitude but I am so thankful to be your mama. Daddy and I will always be your biggest supporters! This next year is going to fly by after we welcome your little brother, but I am going to make it a priority to make time with just me and my best girl. I love you!