Told you week 14 wouldn't be the only one I missed, we've been busy birthday party planning for our sweet three year old! No worries, I made time for a 24 week post this weekend! I dug out our bags to pack for the hospital and have been registering for stuff like crazy as I think of it, so I don't forget what we NEED. I have been painting frames and crafting for his room and I'm really settling into the idea of being a mama of TWO. So excited to meet my sweet boy!

How Far along | 24 weeks

Size of baby | Ear of corn {12 inches, 1 pound}

Gender | BOY!

Maternity clothes | Still fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans with the rubberband trick - but tops are getting a little more snug - I need to go invest in some maxi's from Target and some tanks from Old Navy!

Movement | Lots! I love it so much! Some nights he goes crazy and others he just gives me a few to let me know he's in there and then falls asleep for the night! Love that sweet boy!

Sleep | None. At all.

Cravings | Those giant croissants from Sam's Club, buffalo chicken dip, strawberries and chocolate ice cream. So yeah.

Best moment of the week  | Celebrating our sweet girl turning 3! Also, Justin finally felt him move and it was the sweetest thing watching his face light up, it became real for him at that moment! He's such an awesome daddy!