Crazy busy life getting ready for summer and a 3rd birthday party for my sweet girl! So here is 19 + 20 weeks rolled into one big post filled with pictures and lots of baby love. We're half way there!

How far along | 20 weeks

Size of baby | Banana {6.5 inches, 10.5oz}

Gender | BOY!

Maternity Clothes | Yes! Mainly just pants - but I haven't bought any maternity shorts, so on the weekends I do the ol' hair-tie on the button trick - and just wear a longer t-shirt to cover that up.

Weight Gain | I'm at a steady 8lbs most days.

Movement | YES! Lots of little baby flutters and I love it so much! I can't wait for Justin and McKinlee to be able to feel him.

Sleep | Deprived. Just kidding - kind of. I can fall asleep pretty easily but wake up early and just really missing sleeping on my belly.

Cravings | Anything I don't have to cook - so whatever Justin feels like. Which lucky for me, lately, has been hamburgers on the grill, grilled shrimp, steak, grilled veggies and we had tacos this week with all the fresh toppings - so good.

Best moment of the week | Best moment of week 19 was seeing our sweet boy for his 20 week anatomy scan - he's gotten so big since even seeing him at 15. He was really squirmy and willing to show us that he was a boy. Ha! Best moment of week 20 is seeing McKinlee call her little baby doll Carter Paul. We gave her one of his onesies to dress him up in - and she feeds him and even cuddles him when she sleeps. This morning I went in there to wake her up and she said "where's my carter? and my book?" She's seriously going to be THE best big sister!

Carter's sweet baby toes!

He's definitely a boy!

My two favorite people and "baby Carter". Sweet girl :)