Eighteen! Can't believe we're almost halfway there!

How far along | 18 weeks

Size of baby | Bell pepper {5.5inches, 7oz}

Gender | BOY!

Maternity clothes | Now that it's getting warmer I need to get some more long tanks! I always love target's long tank tops!

Weight gain | 5-7lbs depending on the day! Glad the long walk from the parking lot to my building at work is helping me keep the weight gain to a minimum these first 2 trimesters!

Movement | I felt teeny tiny flutters almost all day on Thursday this week. LOVED IT. Can't wait until Justin and McKinlee can feel them too!

Sleep | Still hard to fall back asleep after my early morning bathroom run.

Cravings | We've been grilling a lot now that it's warmed up - so I've been craving grilled shrimp, chicken, vegetables and we had some delicious kabobs, that you buy marinated and skewered and they were SO good. If you're local in NWA - they are at Richard's Meat Market. It's $5.50 a kabob and Justin and I can fill up on about 1.5 each - So a $15 meal that you just toss on the grill is my kind of meal planning!

Best moment of the week | Finally noticing that I'm not feeling so nauseous all the time. KNOCK ON WOOD. I've been better at snacking and eating protein rich meals so I've had a pretty good week. I started registering for things I've noticed we don't have and looking at bedding for his room!