17 weeks and a Happy Easter to you!

How far along | 17 weeks, 4 days

Size of baby | Turnip {5inches, 5oz}

Gender | BOY!

Maternity clothes | Work - Maternity pants and loose fitting tops // Maxi dresses. Home - gimme all the tshirts and shorts!

Weight gain | 5-7lbs depending on the day!

Movement | Not yet!

Sleep | It's becoming easier to fall asleep but after I wake up for my 3am bathroom run it's hard for me to get comfortable to fall back asleep!

Cravings | I had a little scare last week where my blood sugar got really low and I went into the doctor to get checked out. Apparently, toaster strudels are frowned upon for breakfast while pregnant. Diagnosis - just make sure I am eating protein with every meal. I'm not a huge breakfast person so that's been hard. I've learned a lot about protein rich snacks, edamame - hello yum. I've been eating a lot of wild rice too!

Best moment of the week | We started nesting! We painted Carter's room! We painted the whole room Beached Slate by Valspar and the accent wall is Tropical Hideaway by Valspar. I knew I wanted to do the herringbone pattern - but halfway through those slanted lines I was like we'll just by a herringbone patterned picture and stick it up there. I'm glad we worked through our OCD because we love how it turned out! Can't wait to rock our sweet boy to sleep in there!

I love when I catch her cuddling her lambie while she sleeps! Sweet baby!

We love our hard working Daddy!

Still have a little touching up to do around the ceilings, but I love it!
We'll obviously post more when it's all ready for him!

My sweet girl in her Emmylin's Shoppe Easter dress!

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter! I know we did!