How far along | 12 weeks!

Size of baby | Lime {2 inches}

Gender | Unknown

Maternity clothes | Just keeping comfortable with yoga pants and loose shirts!

Weight gain | 1-3 pounds

Movement | Not yet!

Sleep | Not good. I just can't get comfortable and when I finally get to sleep, I need to get up and go to the bathroom. Hopefully that changes soon!

Symptoms | Nausea and constipation. I am on medicine that helps with the sickness {zofran} but a side effect of that is constipation, so I can either get sick and have a BM or not get sick and not have a BM for 6+ days. Any pointers welcome!

Cravings | Pickles, Sara Lee Honey Ham {deli fresh}, anything cold {mainly ice cream}. Just sticking to plain jane foods to limit the nauseous feeling.

Best moment this week | We were surprised at our first OB appointment with a courtesy ultrasound! I thought we would just hear the heartbeat, but we got to see our sweet baby! Healthy and super active, just like their sister! You'll hear McKinlee in the video say "is that my baby sister?", sweetest. thing. ever.

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Here's the video of #babybolingertwo!