Well, here we are. You are a year and a HALF years old, I remember when I was celebrating your 6 monthiversary thinking I can't wait for you to be ONE, and now you are six months from being TWO. I can't even deal, but you are seriously so much fun to be around right now! You are learning so much stuff every day and you make everyone around you laugh! Halloween was so much fun and I am so excited for the rest of the upcoming Holidays to watch you enjoy them and interact with all our families!

Let's see what you've been up to:

You don't actually have an 18mo checkup until DEC 18, but at your doctors appt last week you weighed 23.3lbs! So big!

  • This month you had your first "Big Girl" pigtails, and by that I mean all of your hair fit into two ponytails, seriously so adorable and you looked like a 5 year old. {11/10/13}
  • At your doctors appt the first week of November, Dr. P was holding you down to check your ears for infection, and while you were screaming your head off I noticed your 1 year molars came in, so whoops on mommy, totally missed that. {10/29-11/01}
  • While Mommy and Daddy were playing with you and your stackable blocks, we were asking you to "hand us the purple one", and you repeated "puuhhpull". Daddy and I about came unglued, so then we said "hand us the blue one", and you said "bueeee", we tried it with the other 6 colors, but no such luck but we still were so proud. {11/15/13}
  • You said "bye-bye" for the first time on November 17, 2013.
  • So Mommy was sitting at work watching all you girls play and I decided ya know what, it is time to get rid of that paci. So even though you don't really notice it during the day, nights and naptime is what I was most nervous about. So on {11/18/2013} I hid the paci in the bottom of the diaper bag and you haven't even noticed it since. Naptime and Bedtime, it takes you about 15 minutes of whining to fall asleep, but I assure you it's just whining, not bloody murder, "i hate my parents" crying. We are so proud of you!!! Mimi bought you your "purge of the paci" gift, Holly, your Elf on the Shelf!
  • You officially have mastered "Woo Pig Sooie!" {maybe next year they will be worth cheering for}