So with about 8 days notice, I decided that we were gonna fly from our home in AR to mimi's house in NC. So the days leading up to our departure, I didn't sleep, major stress, about 15 lists of things to remember, yada, yada... We left on Friday, October 11 at 8a.m. We had a flight to Chicago which you did awesome on, a little restless by the end, but we had about a 40 minute layover before our flight to Charlotte so I just let you run around in our gate area. Then I got us settled in on our next plane and you were asleep before we even took off and you slept the whole hour and 50 minutes! I was such a proud mama {all that worrying for nothing}.

Friday afternoon when we made it back to Mimi and Grandpa's house we just hung out with Tyler and Mason, jumping on the trampoline{mommy's favorite pass time as a kiddo}, then we had rolled chicken tacos for dinner{mommy's favorite dinner growing up} then we just played board games, wii and mason terrorized you with excitement as always!

Saturday, we enjoyed a Family Fun Day that Grandpa's company hosted and it was SO much fun! You went on your first ferris wheel, got a balloon hat and enjoyed a bouncy house! Mama and uncle did an egg toss {we made it to the top 5}and mama and uncle mason got glitter tattoos! After we went back to Mimi's for a bit to rest we went to dinner at Fatz {a Morganton delicacy}, then your Auntie Emily came over and met you for the first time and saw mama for the first time in two years! Then you, mama and uncle mason all piled in his bed and watched a movie until we fell asleep!

Sunday, we woke up no later than 7:15 and had a mini party in uncle mason's room until it was time to start getting ready for church! We went to church and saw Mama's old church family and it was so nice to see everyone and we spent the rest of the day with Auntie Emily and the Mould's and it was so much fun! They were my second family when I lived here! You, Mama and Auntie Em went shopping{what we always enjoyed doing during HS} and Mama got some new clothes! After we got back we just packed our bags up and watched Elf before uncle Mason had to get ready to go to bed for school on Monday!