We are loving summer so much, and you love to swim. Since mommy doesn't work as much we have been swimming most days after I get out of class. We be so tan :) We had your first swim lesson on Saturday {July 6, 2013} at Swim Ranch and you did so well. Daddy swam with you for the first time since he's alumni and got his fish in 2005, but I can't wait to swim with you this weekend! We're gonna have so much fun! You learned that it's okay to get splashed, floated on your back, floated on your belly, and floated with a baby boogie board. I am just going to add to this post for the four weeks of swimming lessons, since there's no need for four posts!

Here's a few Pictures from Week 1:

Week 2: We went over the same objectives, floating on your belly and back, splashing and holding on to a boogie board while going across the pool. You get cranky around the last 10 minutes of class because it interrupts nap time, but next year I will do the early class so we don't have to worry about it! Mema came to watch you swim and she loved every minute of it! Mommy loved swimming with you!