Hey sweet baby! Summer is coming to an end and it's so sad, but this mama is ready to be back on routine with work! {We miss Reesa and Reags} I wanted to do a little update for the past two months since you've been one! It has been a little crazy. Daddy moved out to see if Him and I can stop arguing and get back to a place where we are happy. It is rough being young adult parents but we are doing our best to do what's best for you. It is hard not having him here but I know that if it helps us get back to a place of peace it will be so worth it. He still comes and hangs out with us most days! I am doing my best to keep you in routine so hopefully it doesn't effect you too much, we love you so much and just want what is best for you. With that said, you are in to EVERYTHING:

  • You are talking so so much! The little jibberish thing you do is hilarious. "azeebazebazeba" and "Yea!" you're so smart and I love watching you learn new things.
  • You love playing in the cabinets with the pans, with your big tub of bath toys in the bathroom, your puzzles, talking on your phone.
  • You have NO interest in cartoons, which I guess is bittersweet. Good because you're not glued to the tv, but bad because I can't sit you in front of it to get anything done.
  • You eat chicken nuggets and grilled cheese mostly for lunches and dinners. Cheerios or toast and Mema's strawberry jelly for breakfast.
  • You love apple juice {or any juice really} and 2% milk with chocolate carnation breakfast powder in it.
  • Applesauce is still a huge staple anywhere we go, I love those things! You've started eating fruit crisps too and teddy grahams.
  • You are ALMOST walking! AH! I can't stand it, I get so excited when you take more than two steps!
  • You've become so much more independent since I have been in school and you have been staying with Ms. Tawny and Mema the Great and Emarie {which I am so thankful!}
  • You are usually so good for mommy when I need to study! I can get a few toys out and you will entertain yourself until I can play along with you! Thank you!
So overall, the last two months have been a blast! We went to the zoo, lots of swimming, BBQ's, friends and family, birthday parties and just good ol' mommy and sissy time! I love you so much!