Well, I couldn't decide if I wanted to wait and do an 18 month update or if I should just update each month! I'm afraid I won't remember everything if I wait, so here's what you've been up to since you turned one! We are only working 1-2 days a week with Reesa and Reags so we have gotten lots of Mommy-Sissy time! We usually wake up about 8:15 {sometimes 9}, you nurse, then eat breakfast usually some Cheerios and applesauce, then we pickup the house and get ready for whatever activity I planned. Lately, we've been hanging out at aunt Robyn's swimming or with Ms. Tawny playing with the kiddos! Then we're home by 5:30 most nights to meet daddy! Then we have dinner, bath time and bed about 8:30. Mommy does homework until about 11 or 12 then I get some sleep, then we start all over :)

We've been practicing walking as much as we can! With a walker, mommy holding one hand and along the couch. You are getting so, so skinny! Once the rolls on your legs are gone I'm going to be so sad! You love chicken nuggets and grilled cheese. You loved squash off the grill the other day but not a fan of green bean casserole unless its off of mommy's plate. You love swimming, not so much getting into your little floaters, but once I get you in there you LOVE it! You weren't  sure about the splash park at first, but had fun when you finally relaxed! Trying to keep you from getting sunburnt is going to be my biggest challenge this summer! I think that's about it!

Cue picture overload: