Well, the countdown is on! 57 days until you turn ONE! I'm so excited because I love watching you grow and learn new things- and the way you interact with other kids, I just love it! However, the fact that you are getting bigger and almost walking- makes me wonder just how much longer you're really gonna need me. Sensitive mommy problems! Ha! You don't have another check-up until your 1 year so these are estimates:

Weight: 20lbs
Height: 27.5 inches

Let's see what you're up to:

The most memorable thing you've done this month is learn how to "fake" cough, and it's hysterical. I love it! You are pulling up on everything and walking along with a walker. You love to play with daddy's lip when you're trying to fall asleep, and you you officially sleep in your big girl bed for a whole month now- down at 8 and up when it's time to leave! {so thankful} You had your first kid's meal at Olive Garden- noodles and mashed potatoes and of course some breadsticks! We found ou you love snow cones from Shave the Planet, and sugar cookies from Rick's! You wave hello and goodbye, mostly just to daddy and me, sometimes Mimi and Papa- but we're working on it. You still only sign "more" but we're working on "please" and "all done". You say Mama, Dada, and something along the lines of "nigh nigh", which we think is all done, night night, or "no,no". You eat pretty much anything- we accidentally gave you strawberries early{whoopsies} but you're not allergic to them, or anything for that matter! So that's good! We love you and can't wait to see what the next year holds! happy 10 months!