Well, Here we are! You're nine months old!! I can't believe you will be ONE, so soon! I am planning your birthday party, slowly-but surely! It will be rainbow colors, since you're not into any characters! I've got your cake lined up at Rick's Bakery and am in the process of making the decorations!! So excited! You had your check-up on the 22nd, and everything looks super healthy but you still had your infection {so we got some medicine and hopefully will clear it up soon}.

Weight: 19.2 lbs
Height: 27.5inches

You are finally crawling! You've been scooting and rocking back-and-forth on your knees but you are mobile. The exact date was February 20, 2013, and I got it on video, and it's so cute! You said your first word, "Mama"! You got your first tooth on February 21, 2013, we woke up and I was feeding you some cinnamon roll, and you bit down and I felt it, {so sweet!!} I can't quite get a picture of that, so we'll have to wait until it pops through more! You're growing so fast! I love you so much, and daddy wants you to say "Da-da".