7 Months! I can't believe time has gone so fast, only five months until you turn one! So crazy! I love you so much more and more each day! You have been so funny these last few weeks, just with the holiday season and also everything you do, is just input and you're learning so much!! Watching you open presents was the sweetest thing {well, eat the paper off of your gifts!} You got tons of fun toys and books, that you love to play with. Your aunt Oshay and aunt Katie got you a drum set, so needless to say we'll be leaving that at Mimi and Papa's!

You got all dressed up in sweet outfits and you look just as cute as red and green as you do in pink! You're mommy and daddy's little chunk and now that you're starting to get more mobile and move some much that you are losing some of your rolls and it's so sad! I love them, and you're always gonna be my little chubby baby!

Weight: 19lbs
Height: 27inches

You're officially sitting up on your own!! So exciting and fun! You are getting the whole crawling them almost down, {you push yourself up, but can't figure your knees out} haha! You will entertain yourself with all your new toys and you just talk and talk! You like to play with mommy's hair before bed! We're trying to get you to sleep in your big girl bed & you are not having it! We love you, so excited for the next few months as we await spring and summer!