Well it's a happy 6 months and your first thanksgiving! We started the day by getting you dressed in your super cute shirt from the pink lilli and a tutu that mommy made! Our first stop was aunt Robyn's to visit with everyone on papa Ryan's side of the family! Then we came back to Mimi and Papa's and ate some more food! You tried some of uncle Brett's mashed potatoes, yummy! We ate wayyy too much food but that's what the holiday's are all about, you'll learn that soon enough!

You also turned six months on black friday! So crazy to me, how fast you're growing! You're check-up isn't actually for another week! But I will make some estimates for time sake since we're moving into our new home! Mommy finally got to do her "nesting" and paint your room pretty pink and you have a nice big closet to hold all your clothes!!

Weight: 18lbs
Height: 26 inches

You're talking, laughing, and loving like crazy! You definitely know who Mommy and Daddy are! You rolled over for the first time this month from your back to your belly, but you get frustrated because you can't get back over! You take baby food good! We're about to start you on it for all three meals! Won't take a bottle, so we're working on a sippy cup!