My whole pregnancy was a little bit of a whirlwind but very healthy nonetheless, you can see that recap here.

At our 37 week check-up we found out she was breech and that we would be scheduling a C-section. We were excited to have her birthday scheduled, May 31, 2012.

Little did we know, she had a different ETA.

We had four baby showers between family, friends and co-workers. We were attending our last baby shower at Collier's Drugstore in Fayetteville, when in the midst of eating my body weight in diced fruit and cucumber sandwiches, I started having Braxton Hicks contractions. I didn't think anything of them, so we packed up our gifts and headed home.

We got home about 8:30 and were watching the news when I started timing my "braxton hicks" contractions, I had about 4 contractions in 12 minutes. I told Justin, "I think I am gonna call the doctor just to ask him, if we should come get checked out." Just as I got up to grab my phone, I peed. "I think my water broke," I told Justin. So I walked to the bathroom and went pee, it wouldn't stop.

Water Broke: 9:02pm

I was rushing around to make sure we didn't forget the bags, and pillows and camera, forgetting that I had amniotic fluid leaking everywhere. I will never forget Justin saying "Babe, you're leaking everywhere, go sit on the toilet until I get everything in the car!" He put towels on the seat and we were on our way. He called his family while I called my mom, my dad and my two best friends. So they were all on their way.

We arrived in the ER at Willow Creek at 9:30pm and they tested the fluid to make sure it was in fact my water, and it was. They knew she was breech, so they said call your friends and family, we will have a baby within the hour. They brought me a gown and I got changed. I was rolled back to a Pre-Op room where I would have my baby.

Spinal Tap: 10:29pm

I don't do well with needles, blood, hospitals, so it is a miracle that I was not passed out by now. I was in there by myself while Justin got his little sterile suit on. I remember asking the team of doctors, "when are we gonna get started?" They replied, "oh, you're already cut open?" Oh, ok. Can you bring my man in now?!

Justin joined me: 10:45pm

A few tugs and pulls, I heard her cry.

McKinlee Gray Bolinger
May 23, 2012 10:50pm
7lb 4oz 19.5 in
Johnson, AR

Because I had a C-Section, I didn't get to hold her {that's probably the only thing I hated about not having a natural birth} so I remember learning in birthing class that the babies like to hear a familiar voice once their born. I was telling Justin, "go talk to her, go tell her that you're her dad!" I wanted her to feel safe and loved. From what I heard, Justin carried her to the nursery and showing her off to our families, he said he almost cried, that melts my heart.

I had to stay in Post-Op for about thirty minutes after to get closed back up and make sure I was okay, I finally got to my room about 11:30p and see family and friends.

I saw my baby for the first time, nursed her, cuddled her, loved her: 12:00am

I sent her to the nursery that night, just because I was nervous with all of the pain medicine that I was on, I wouldn't be able to hear her cry and I would be numb from the stomach down until morning, so I wouldn't be able to get up and get her. I couldn't wait for those every two hours they brought her to me to eat. I loved those moments at 2 am just staring at how perfect she was.

The next day we had lots and lots of visitors, she is so loved. 

Aunt O'Shay

Aunt Katie


Miss Jessica

Great Aunt Rita

Auntie Bailey

Papa Ryan

Uncle Mason didn't want to share her.

Auntie Gracie and Auntie Bailey

After our second night there, of being woken up every single hour for my blood pressure to be checked, I was so ready to go home and be in our own setting.

We were headed home: Friday, May 25, 2012

As soon as we got home, Justin wanted to take McKinlee on a walk in her new stroller while I took a nap, he was already the best dad and I couldn't wait to settle into our new roles as her parents.

One week check-up!

Lots of Mimi cuddles.

We all napped a lot.

Welcome to the world, sweet baby.

Our sweet family.