Well, since I am just now starting this "all about McKinlee" blog I will just do a summary of the last three months! She is just the light of our little world! It's amazing how something so small can flip your whole world upside down! We are just head over heels! Let's see you're growing like a weed, mainly in the belly {haha} and healthy as can be!

Weight: 13lb
Height: 23in

Your big thing right now is your lovey that aunt O'shay got you. If you're upset it's the only thing that will do! You scoot yourself in circles during tummytime and can flip from your belly to your back! Mommy is not allowed to have sweeet tea because it makes your tummy hurt! So I will be looking forward to a big glass of that when we're done breastfeeding! :) 

You smile all the time now, especially when me and daddy are playing with you in the evenings which just melts my heart! I can just tell your love for us and how you put all your trust into us without even knowing it! We will always be here to take great care of you! We love you more than ever!