I think we can alllll agree 2020 has been a weird year. So, 12 weeks into quarantine we decided to take it off the grid and go camping. We unplugged from work and AMI and set up by the lake for a week. It was much needed and we really re-connected as a family outside of the four wall of our home.

We were so excited to have our Mable girl join us on our first camping trip in years and her first trip ever! She loved the water and was such a good pup the whole time! We bought so much random stuff for the trip that ended up costing us about as much as a trip to the beach, but we didn't even care that we were only an hour outside of Fayetteville, because we were so happy to be out of the house!

This was the sunrise our first morning there!

The kids using their new kayaks!

Mable girl hanging by the water!

Daddy + Carter Paul going for a float!

Some fun hair-chalk for my girl!

This kid picked up kayaking SO quick! We were all so impressed!

We let the kids do tubing for the first time! They were nervous but LOVED it. Such a fun memory they'll keep forever!

Sharing some watermelon with Mema Shirley!

Mema's "Panhandler Spaghetti"! It was a fan-favorite, for sure!

Baby Kase came to visit for a day!

There was a full moon towards the end of the week and we stayed up to see it rise above the water! SO WORTH IT.

I wanted to commemorate our trip with some fun t-shirts!

Yum! What's a summer without Sun Tea??

Broke out the iPad for a hot second so we could get some dinner put together!

Sweet baby pup on the kayak!

How many people does it take to put up a tent, you ask?

We had the best trip!