When searching for our outfits for our 2019 Christmas card photos, I realized I was leaning towards a different vibe than our past photos. My preference on presets and lighting and the overall look of the photo had changed. A lot of you mamas know, good family photographers are hard to come by. We've used Courtney Garrett Photography for years and hands down still recommend her to anyone looking for a great photographer! Her aesthetic is bright + airy and so beautiful.

When looking for a photographer I had in mind, muted tones, but still light, not too golden, all of this is what I had in my head. I took to instagram and searched hashtags like #nwaphotography, #nwafamilyphotos, etc., to see what I could find.

I ended up coming across Raegan Buckley Photo, she's a senior at the University of Arkansas who's already jump-starting her career before she graduates by second-shooting for local photographers. I studied her page and read reviews and decided to reach out. I loved her style and felt like she would do great with the kids!


I was blown away! She made me feel so confident and she was so patient with the kids! She posed us so well. I literally don't think I have one complaint. She was incredible. It rained like 15 minutes before she arrived at our location and I was distraught over my hair frizzing. I got the pictures back and couldn't even tell. I'm so thankful with how everything turned out! Enjoy the rest of them, they are truly so treasured!