What a PAWTY!

I'm not usually a huge fan of themed parties, but this one was so fun! Our boy has been obsessed with Paw Patrol for almost a full year, so I knew for his 3rd birthday, we just HAD to throw him a big bash! He loves all things Chase & Marshall!

It was a rainy day and so we set up inside and our "fun" activity was this cute Marshall pinata that we found on Amazon! I love that it's pull-string, because 3-year-olds wavin' sticks around just seems silly. It was very easy to fill with our own candy, I filled it with all my favorites, since I'm the keeper of all the candy ;) Another plus, it doubled as party decor!

DIY balloon garlands have officially become my favorite party decor! I love them. They are perfect for the little nook in our kitchen and they just make such a big statement! I found the cutest paw print balloons to add in there, it was the perfect pop of pattern! The backdrop was a cute party-pack that ended up being perfect for the tablescape and the arch facing the living room! You can purchase it on Amazon.

Here's what the arch looked like - it's actually still hanging up 5 days later because I haven't dragged a chair over to get it down...

We had a very themed menu for this party in which I even broke out some food labels! So fun!

We had Ryder's Pupcorn - Gourmet Popcorn from Hill City Popcorn / Flavor: Woo Pop Sooie

Chase's chips - We just did assorted chips! 

Rubble's Pup-Aroni & Cheese - We did cheese (cut into dog bones), pepperoni and crackers.

Cookies from the always perfect Sweet Nothings Cookies!

Farmer Yumi's fresh Strawberries
HACK: Take a straw, push it up from the bottom of the strawberry 
and it will core the whole thing, without having to slice the stem off.

Chickaletta's Deviled Eggs - Mimi is the master of deviled eggs, so we asked her to whip these up!

Skye's Sliders - We did these Ham/Cheese sliders with mustard sauce. (Similar Recipe

Puppy Kisses - Hershey Kisses for the win!

His favorite part of his whole party - our local firefighters brought their truck & hats & stickers. SO FUN.

He had the sweetest party and we're so thankful for everyone that came out to celebrate. He got all things firetrucks, tractors and Paw Patrol! We surprised him with this balance bike and we've been riding it ever since! Sweet baby, I can't believe you're 3!

Here's to year three, I can't wait to watch you grow.