Did you grow up in a town where they had gatherings on the town square every Friday night? 

I did! Growing up in Bentonville, AR, we used to go with my Dad to the town square and they would have snack carts and fresh-squeezed lemonade stands. Older generations would be gathered in circles of lawn chairs playing instruments and singing old music.

When I moved to North Carolina in 2008, they did something very similar in Morganton, NC during the summer. We had "TGIF", and every Friday night a local band would play and small-business vendors would be out selling their services. All us high school kids would walk around and hang-out, while all our parents sat on blankets in the lawn. We'd only run back to visit when we ran out of cash or were asking to have a sleepover. Such special memories!

We're trying to introduce our kids to that small-town feel by attending "First Thursdays"! The first Thursday of the month during summer our town hosts fun events where small business owners can showcase their goods and we do our best to support local.

We had a blast at this last, First Thursday of the summer!