Hello Friends!

We've had such a busy first month of the year that's resulted in the blog being a little neglected. I love blogging and believe me, if I could make a career out of it, I would. I am going to try to blog whenever I can, but I will definitely do a "Life Lately" post at the end of each month to recap our happenings. With that said, let's talk about January.

I got a promotion and I am absolutely in love with my new job. I feel like I am able to use so much more of my creativity and talents, so I'm very thankful for that. This job does require me to work 45-50 hours a week and that has definitely been a big adjustment. Nonetheless, so excited for my career to finally be taking off.

I enrolled back in school to get my Bachelor's in Business. So, on top of the extra 5-10 hours a week at work, I'm also spending 5-7 hours a week doing school work. I need to do one of those "day in the life" post like MixMatchMama does - but I'll give you a brief overview.

4:00am - WAKE UP
4:30am - Head to the gym
4:45-5:30am - Work out
5:30-6:15am - Get ready for work
6:15-6:30am - Starbucks run & head to work
6:40am-5pm - WORK 
(I occasionally take a lunch, most days I eat at my 
desk so I can leave early on Fridays)
5-6pm - Get home & get dinner started
6-7pm - Eat & bathe the kids
7:40-8pm - Carter's bed time, 
McKinlee watches her 20 minute show
8pm - McKinlee's bed time/ I shower
8:30pm - Crawl into bed to start homework
and/or watch Criminal Minds on Netflix
10pm - BED

It makes for a pretty crazy day! Some days I choose to sleep in and I'll skip the gym but I have been going 4-5 days a week! I usually rest on weekends so I can spend that extra time with the kids and Justin! Some evenings we have Gymnastics so that shifts things around, but for the most part these are what our days look like.

I quit Whole30 on day 17. That diet is for the birds, or rabbits or any thing that isn't allowed to have sugar. YIKES. I did keep an eye on my portion control and tried to be diligent in drinking at least 90oz of water a day. I took measurements on Jan 1, and took them again on Feb 1 and I lost 3lbs and inches off almost everywhere. I have been doing more weightlifting than cardio, which I've actually really loved. I think this next month I am really going to try to dedicate an extra 30 minutes each workout to cardio.

Justin has some exciting things he's wanting to do this year and I am so excited to see how all of it plays out. So thankful for his hard work and dedication to our family. He is our rock!

McKinlee, has started 2017 off big in Pre-K4! She celebrated her 100th day of Preschool by dressing up like an old lady. She is so excited for Kindergarten and she's so smart and sassy. She hates to have her hair in a pony tail, "I like to wear it long", every morning. She wants to have a Princess birthday party! She is so good at gymnastics - and you can tell she just has a passion for it! We got her a balance beam for Christmas and she uses it every single day. That's usually how I am able to get dinner fixed, she'll just walk back and forth trying different things. She's awesome!

She loves being able to add money to her piggy bank, so we have a chore chart set up in her room with simple tasks to help around the house. She does things like make her bed, puts away her laundry, wipes down the bathroom counter and she helps put the spoons and forks away once they clean. It went well the first two days, but now it's "Mom, I was tired this morning, so I didn't make my bed." 

Carter Paul, my baby boy. He is getting SO big. He's got a full set of teeth and I can't tell you an exact date of any one of them, because second child probs. I have estimates, so that's as good as is gets. He is talking so much lately. The way he says "Tank To" and "Luh You" is THE sweetest thing. He loves giving hugs and kisses. We're still trying to get him to say Mimi/Meme, but he still won't. 

He knows where his nose is, and he loves his "nacks". It's so true what they say about boys, they will literally eat you out of your house. He's a picky garbage disposal. He loves fruit snacks, any type of fruit, granola bars, anything Chickfila, BBQ chips, applesauce, chocolate chips, spaghetti/raviolis. He weirdly isn't a huge fan of chicken nuggets, which is strange because McKinlee lived off chicken nuggets. So we've had to kind of adjust, oh! He loves potato soup! He's just the best! 

That sums up our first month of 2017 - we're excited to see what February holds!

We took our little gymnast to see the Gymbacks compete against Mizzou! She loved it!


These are my two favorite songs right now - listen to them on repeat a lot!

Worked out my legs with @simplysamfitness and it was the best workout of my life!
Check her out on Insta!

Pulled out old baby pics of Justin and realized him and Carter are the same person, 23 years apart.