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After a fun day with my girls it was finally time to see my husband and I couldn't wait. As weird as it sounds I was so nervous. I don't know if it was because we were about to be the center of attention, or if it was the actual ceremony. I mean, we've literally had two babies and been married for a year, so the fear of commitment wasn't there. I think maybe it was just the day I had dreamed of for so long and it was finally happening, with the man of my dreams.

Once the grandparents and parents were all seated the DJ started the processional song that the bridal party would walk down the aisle to. I had such a hard time choosing the two songs that would play while we walked towards the alter. I knew I wanted something sentimental, but not instrumental, but not too all-over-the-place. I finally decided that Never Stop{wedding version} by Safety Suits would be perfect. The lyrics are gold. You can play it here, while you scroll through.

I was so thankful that my uncle Matt agreed to be our officiant. It was so special to have him marry us and we'll cherish those memories forever.

My little brother carried our son down the aisle. So special to me.

He was so sleepy, but such a good baby the whole night!

She took her job very seriously!

I've seen him cry twice in the six years we have been together. Once when we found out we were going to be parents at 19 and when his Mema went to be with Jesus. There are few and far in between but him crying at his baby girl, I die. Best daddy ever.

We worked so hard to time the music to my walk because I wanted it to be perfect and I wanted the whole first chorus to be played before I got to the alter. I knew I didn't want to do the traditional bridal march, but I didn't want anything too upbeat. I decided to go with Christina Perri's A Thousand Years and I did about the first minute of the song. I loved it so much. It was perfect! You can listen to it here.

I asked Justin so many times before the wedding if he thought he would cry. He always said "probably not, so don't be mad at me." Cried. all the tears." I loved it. Just his raw emotion, I love him so much. We chose not to write our own vows but we sat down and created vows that we would both say. They included making God the center of our marriage and for Justin to be the leader of our home and for us to hold each other accountable in our relationship.

AH! The semi-stressful part was over and I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I am terrible in front of crowds, all the nerves. We knew we had a few pictures to take and then we could head to the reception to eat and dance! We all met by the pool while the guest headed to the backyard and then we went to the neighboring farmhouse to take pictures. I'm obsessed with our pictures, you can read my review of Courtney at the bottom of this post!

Sweet daddy hugs!

- My family - 

- Grandmother & Papa -

- Grandma Susan & Papa Mike -

- My cousin Aubrie & Aunt Staci - 

- Justin's Papa Jim & Mema Shirley -

- Justin's Pepa -

- Justin's Nini & Papa Bud -

- the Bolinger family -

  - My parents and brothers - 

- Justin's Mom & Steve -

- the Powell-Dubois family -

- Justin and his sisters, Katie & O'Shay -

- Justin's Dad -

- Emarie was such a big helper from helping with the kids, to passing out programs, to holding flowers for us! So thankful for her sweet, servant heart! -

- love this bridal party of ours, each one of them holds a special place in our hearts - 

- we have this same picture at Bailey's wedding, the birth of both my children and so many other memories, so thankful for these two and the aunties they are to my babies! -

- my girl -


- behind the scenes - 

After we finished our pictures, we headed back to the reception to enter with our first dance.

We did an open bar and served heavy hor d'oeuvres.

We had our bride and groom signature drinks, wine, and our awesome bartender switched things up and used our leftover fruit from Chickfila to make the best sangria I've ever tasted!

- the menu -
Mini sandwiches w| toppings
Spinach artichoke dip
Fresh cilantro salsa
Tortilla chips
Chickfila nuggets
Chickfila fruit
Chickfila tea & lemonade

- one can never go wrong with a s'mores bar -

- we did a sparkler send off, so it was convenient to make our party favors these custom matchboxes -

We entered the party by having the DJ announce us as Mr&Mrs and then went straight into our first dance. We danced to Dan+Shay's From the ground up.

After our first dance, we grabbed a few bites to eat and then started thanking our family and friends for making our day so special by coming to celebrate with us. When we got married at the courthouse over a year ago, I never would've thought we'd have this day. I am so thankful we decided to celebrate with family.

- four generations of bolinger boys -

I knew when I did the father-daughter dance I wanted to include Justin and McKinlee, so thankful I did. I cant wait to give her these pictures on her wedding day, when they do this same dance. We did the same thing with the mother-son dance. I had only seen glimpses of the kids throughout the day, so it was nice to finally slow down and just have some one-on-one time with my best boy.

After we cut the cake, we hopped on the dance floor and danced the rest of the night away! We had so much fun! On our RSVP cards I had a place where people could request a song, so we had a mostly customized playlist but the DJ took requests throughout the night, which was fun!

We did our exit around 6:45pm so that the older crowd could head home without feeling guilty. I loved the idea of a sparkler send-off, so I bought these heavy duty, slow burning sparklers while the firework stands were up this past summer. I think I spent $45 on the sparklers and another $40 on the matchbox favors. So it was a pretty cheap deal!

October 29, 2016. 
Definitely one for the books.


Courtney Glaser Photography Review

Let me start by saying, we're a family of four, with a limited income. Spending a fortune on photos wasn't in the books for us from the start and it caused many arguments in the first few months of planning. I knew in my head and on paper that we couldn't afford it, especially if we had other details of the wedding that we didn't want to budge on either. So after much deliberation, we decided to take the plunge. I just had to explain to Justin and everyone else who thought it was insane, or that said "just hire a family friend" or "I'm sure so&so will take them for cheap". That's what I didn't want. I didn't want cheap. Other than the memories, these photos are the only thing we have left from our big day. To me, having high quality photos that take me back to that very moment is what I paid for. 

However, I will say with Courtney, you get these high quality, unreal photos, but you also get the photographer. Someone who is just excited about the pictures as you are. I don't know how many times she said "oh my gosh, y'all I can't" or she would just be jumping up and down with excitement to get home and edit them. She just made us feel so confident and sexy in our photos, which as parents, we never have that feeling. It's always, fruit snacks and spit up, so to feel like we were actual newlyweds and in those moments it was just me and him, that's what I feel when I look at my pictures. Justin said as we were looking at our sneak peeks that night, "I'm sorry we argued about that, she was so good and I'm so glad we hired a professional." She is worth every penny.

so without further ado, my favorite picture of all time.

I just remember how I felt in this moment and it's how I felt on January 30, 2011, on our first date.

Sparklers - similar
Matchbox favors -
S'mores Bar - DIY
Mini Sandwiches - Walmart Deli
Dips, Chips, Alcohol - Sam's Club
Nuggets, Fruit, Beverages - Chickfila Catering