I know Andrea over at Momfessionals will randomly do a "three things" post about life lately with her family and I noticed that Kelly at Kelly's Korner joined in, so I thought why not! I need to do a little update anyway!

Our best girl started Pre-K4 this year and has been doing so well! She's already able to write her first name and most of her last name! She can count to 50 and almost to 100 with only skipping a few numbers. She is very in to art and projects that require glue and scissors! We've only had one incident in which hair was cut and it was very minor but we definitely went over the importance of only cutting paper. She has been in gymnastics for about four months now, we go once a week for about an hour! She had her first "meet" this past weekend and she did so well. We are honestly so impressed with her dedication to improve and be the best! She enjoys it much more than soccer, that's for sure! Each kid got to stand on the first place podium and got a medal! I can't wait until she moves up to the next level! We are loving her personality and how smart and witty she is! She is constantly making us laugh, especially when we shouldn't! She'll say something so sarcastic when we're trying to discipline her and we just laugh because it's like "where do you come up with this stuff?" while also feeling like I should applaud her for acting like a teenager.

Our sweet boy is 14 months! He has really started to come into his personality and it's ALL BOY. I'm talkin' climbing onto a stool and hoisting himself onto his sister's bed in a matter of seconds, takes all of the ornaments off the tree and throws them, if you tell him "no no" he grunts and waves his hands around at you and walks away. He has officially learned sign language for "more", "please" and "all done"! My mom has been working a lot with him during the day, he will also say "muh" when he wants more and "peas" while he rubs his tummy for please. Such a sweet baby! He will tell you when he's ready for bed, when you ask him if he's ready to go night-night, he'll do the sign for "all-done" and say "nigh nigh". Gives the best open mouth kisses and is such a cuddler. The biggest difference between Carter and McKinlee, is McKinlee was always a mama's girl but Carter is very much into hanging out with the boys in our family! His dada is his #1, and then Papa and uncle Tyler and his Papa Jim! Loves them all! We are so excited for this holiday season coming up, the boy loves to eat so Thanksgiving will be fun and we're excited to introduce him to all of Holly the Elf's crazy shenanigans!

Most of you know that Justin and I just celebrated our one year anniversary with a ceremony and reception in which our family and friends celebrated along side us! We got married at the courthouse on November 6, 2015, you can read about that here! That is the anniversary we will celebrate each year, but we had the best time at our wedding on October 29 this year and I can't wait to get all of the pictures back and blog about one of the best days of my life! Photos by Courtney Glaser Photography in Northwest Arkansas! Justin has been working hard and is coming up on his FIVE year anniversary with Collier Drug Stores as a pharmacy tech and they have been such a blessing to our family - and they deliver your prescribtions to your door, so that's awesome! Check them out here! I just interviewed for a pretty exciting position with my company and I'm anxious to find out what happens with that!

We've had a pretty hectic but exciting few months and I know the holidays will be busy as well, but that's a good busy, so I am thrilled to spend time with family and can't wait to see everyone!