Today we visited a spot that we hope will be the foundation of our farmhouse one day. We have dreamed since we first started dating about being able to live up on "the hill" and Justin would run a farm after he retires, and I would just bake pie, maybe even ring a bell to call them all in for lunch. A couple of months ago we were up there riding the 4-wheeler around and we came across a couple of acres that we thought would make the most perfect place to raise our babies and retire and host holiday parties, and today we went to look again with the kids.

They played and we ran around and said "this is where your room will be!" and "this is the garage" and my most favorite, "this is the back porch where mama will drink her coffee and look at this view!" I love the thought of planning a future where we'll live in one house for the rest of forever.

Here are a few pictures of where we hope to plant our roots in ten years and raise our babies until we send them off to college!