Ah the weekend! Justin woke up about 4:25am to head to the woods to hunt and McKinlee crawled into bed with me about 5am. Carter woke up about 6am or so, and we officially took his paci away last night so he was up and ready to get out of his crib!

I decided since we were up so early, I would bundle us all up and introduce the kids to the famous farmer's market on the square. I've never wanted to brave it with them, but thought why not? McKinlee loved it, she loved seeing all of the different stands with vegetables and they have the Christmas stuff up already so she loved seeing all of that!

There are several different local musicians and/or college students that will come up and sing and she loved that, she just kept watching her and saying "she sings good!" I gave her a couple of quarters to toss in there, she's the sweetest.

I love spending quality time with my people we got in the car and were heading home to make eggs and toast for breakfast, and McKinlee said "thanks for taking me to the market!" I love that she loves to learn about everything, she's so curious and wants to know why something is the way that it is, where the vegetables come from? how they grow? what's a farmer? Bub just chillin' in the stroller taking it all in. I love being their mama!