The past T E N months have flown by, I can't even believe that he will be one in 2 short months!

Food | I would say we're officially off any type of pureed food, besides mashed potatoes! He loves to eat whatever we're eating! He'll sit there and scream at us when he's ready for another bite, so we've started introducing sign language, for "more", "please" and "all done".

Sleep | He is such a GREAT sleeper. Typically sleeps 10-11 hours each night!

Size | I've been keeping my eye out for 2T tshirts for the rest of summer and start of fall! Still in 9-12 shorts, 12 month shorts are still a little baggy. 5C shoes.

Firsts | He can say Dada now, when he's real mad
He got his second bottom tooth // June 20, 2016

the FUN stuff | We have had so much fun during Carter's first summer! We have been swimming a lot and just enjoying each others company on the weekends! We got some exciting news this week and we're so thankful for God's timing in everything! He is really showing us this difference between having a girl and a boy. HE IS SUCH A BOY! So tough and will try anything! He is very close to walking! He's got the sweetest little curls, already dreading his first haircut!