She's four. The girl that first made me a mama is four years old. I remember being 20 years old, sitting on the couch in our one bedroom apartment filled with hand-me-down furniture, wearing yoga pants and a cami with a nursing bra, that was too small because I underestimated the realness of boobs when they are filled with milk, just looking at her thinking she was the most perfect thing I'd ever seen. Looking back at previous blog post about her birthday and it looks like I always mention the tiny apartment we lived in, how young we were and how much of a blessing she was. I think it's because I love thinking back to how scared we were as first time parents and how natural it comes to us now. How people ask us for advice? US. 24 year old, parents of two, barely makin' it, they ask us "how we do it?" I give all the credit to McKinlee, for being patient as we learned the ropes. I'm so thankful for her.

Fast forward four years later, and she's one of our most favorite humans. We love watching her learn, watching her sing, dance, jump, write left-handed, I love when she laughs at movies with her belly laugh, because she really thinks it's so funny. My most favorite thing is watching her be a sister. She is the best big sister. That was probably the biggest thing that happened this year, she became a sibling. You can read about her transition into sisterhood HERE.

She weighs about 34lbs and is 56 inches tall.

Her favorite TV shows/Movies: Daniel Tiger, Hotel Transylvania 2, Daddy daycare, Tangled, Max & Ruby, Little Einsteins, Inside out, Ratatouille

Her favorite foods: She's always been such a good eater, however, this year she's developed an opinion, and she pretty much only wants to eat spaghettio's and corn dogs. She still eats tons of fruits and vegetables but she's not into eating an actual meal. She loves potato soup and lasagna but other than that we usually make her a separate meal. She loves papa's grilled shrimp, ice cream ,yogurt, applesauce, she weirdly likes to try every baby food Carter eats and likes most of them.

What makes us laugh?
the ways she says buhsagna{lasagna}, rallaroli {ravioli's} and movie buffater {theater}
the stories she tells when she's sorry for making her brother cry // "well he just sat on the couch and then I was holding him, and then he just fell, and hit his head."
when she says "if people don't want to, then they don't have to" when she doesn't want to do something we ask of her.
your imaginary granddaughter, Flora

She wears 4T pants/shorts, 5-6 shirts/dresses, size 11-12 shoes - you hate wearing hairbows these days. You love wearing your hair "long", with no ponytails.

She loves feeding henrietta {mimi's pet guinea} and gracie, riding your jeep, making Carter laugh, dressing up, swinging, and checking the mail. Earrings, she is getting her ears pierced for her birthday!

Things that happened in the last year:
She is completely potty trained!
She can spell her name and almost write it all.
She became a big sister!
She got a lot sassier!
She started a pre-k program that has really helped her develop intellectually.
She was a flower girl in auntie Bailey's wedding.
She saw the Beauty & the Beast play

Overall, it was a great year watching our favorite girl continue to grow into a precious and sweet young lady. She continues to amaze us with how smart and sweet she is towards people and I can't wait to see what FOUR holds.