FOUR! My goodness - I can't even believe how fast the time has gone! I already miss my teeny baby! I look back and get so emotional at how quick he has grown! It's been a year since we found out we were having our 2nd baby and to think now we have that baby in our arms every day! You can read about us finding out here!

Weight: Guessing about 17ish lbs
Height: Guessing 27 inches

Food | I recently read that you shouldn't start babies on purees until at least 6 months because it has more risks than rewards. I haven't decided what we'll do yet, we'll talk to the pediatrician at his 4 month check-up and see what she says. Other than that - our feeding schedule pretty much is that same, he takes four 5oz bottles a day to school and then he'll nurse whenever he wants when he's home which is typically 530p, 730p, 9p, 10p and then 4am.

Sleep | Sleeping is still going good for the most part! He has his restless nights, but still mostly sleeping 10:30p-4am. He will take around four 1 hour naps per day at school, and then a nap from 5:30-7pm once we get home.

Size | He is wearing 6-12 month clothes for the most part and size 2 diapers!

Firsts | First Christmas {12/25/2015}
Meet Santa {12/12/2015}
Pink Eye {12/15/2015}
First time meeting Grandpa, Uncle Tyler and Uncle Mason {12/20/2015}
First New Years {12/31/2015}
Wearing shoes {12/27/2015}

the FUN stuff | I don't know that I would call it fun, but I think he is teething already. We've had to start Tylenol during the fussy times and lots of teething toys for Christmas! He's been really colicky and I am anxious to talk to his pediatrician about it on Friday! He still hasn't laughed out loud, but he does this cute, silly noise when we tickle his neck and it's the sweetest thing! He smiles ALL the time and I love it! Justin will wink at him and he'll get the biggest grin on his face - that boy loves his Daddy! He got to meet his first guy friend Brighton Belk - which is Justin's childhood best friend's son. Sweet boys!

He is starting to sit up really well with very little help, I bet he starts sitting up in the next few weeks! He no longer fits in his swing any more {sad day} - He will sit in his bumbo and watch Little Einsteins with McKinlee and he'll lay on the floor and just reach for his toes or suck on his fingers! Sweet baby! I can't wait to see what the next month holds!

P I N K E Y E. ugh.

Sick boy got to stay home with Daddy for the day!

That colic I was talking about - yeah, this is us at 3am watching Christmas movies, because he just needed all the cuddles!

Poor sickly baby!

Merry First Christmas!

Big boy jammies!

Sweet boy loves Ms. Gala's class!