I can't believe we've already had our sweet boy a month! He is the perfect fit for our family and we already can't remember life without him in it!

Weight: He was 9lbs 5oz at his two week check up so I will estimate that he is around 9lb 11oz, one pound heavier than his birth weight!

Height: 22 inches

Food | He is nursing 10 times a day - anywhere from 8 minutes - 15 minutes. I usually try to pump once a day to stock up for when I head back to work. He is still spitting up quite a bit, but the pediatrician says he is gaining weight perfectly so that he's probably just spitting up what he can't hold. Until then, we'll keep going through 4 onesies a day. We start trying bottles this week!

Sleep | He is a pretty good sleeper. He takes one big nap a day usually from about 11am-3pm and then he's awake until about 7pm with maybe a 30 minute nap squeezed in. His witching hour is from about 8:30pm-10pm, I feed him about 9pm and then he'll just want to be held/rocked/cuddled and then I'll top him off with something to eat about 10 and he'll finally fall into a good sleep about 10:30pm and sleep until 3:30am in the bassinet. He wakes up about 5:20am, which will be perfect when I head back to work, I'll feed him and then put him back to sleep while I start getting ready and then feed him right at 7am before we take them to daycare.

Size | We switched from newborn diapers right about 2 weeks, so he's in size 1. Clothes wise, some onesies and footie pajamas are still newborn but for the most part, he's wearing 0-3 months.

Firsts | Bath {9/17/2015}
Napped in his crib {10/01/2015}

the FUN stuff | He's such a cuddler, we love it. He smiles and does this cute chuckle when he sleeps, like he's having a really good dream. We found out at his 2 week check-up that he's perfectly healthy but is a little tongue-tied, but since he latches well, they aren't going to worry about it. I am tongue-tied and have never had any issues, so we're not stressing too much about it. He does good with tummy time for about 5 minutes and then he's over it - but he does love laying on his back and looking around. 

He's starting to become so much more alert and staying awake for longer periods during the day which I love - love looking at those sweet baby eyes so full of curiosity! He's so intrigued/cautious of his sweet sister - she means well and we're working on keeping her involved while being gentle. He loves his swing and bouncy seat. He's a grunter - mostly when he's trying to potty but he just grunts in general. Daddy thinks he is going to crawl sooner than sister did, during tummy time he already tries to get his knees under him and scoot around - sweet boy is so strong!

One week check-up!

Those baby hands, though.

Baby stank face - probably because he's wearing camo...

Sweet baby snuggles!

I love a good comparison photo!

My #bolingerbabes!

Wee Hog'n.


Cuddling with Daddy!

TWO week check-up!

Sweet baby sleeps!

This was the outfit Justin was brought home in - we've come a lonnng way.

What does a fox say?

Still holding out for a HOG WIN.

Sweet blue-eyed boy!

Helping sister with her letters!

month stickers from Lucy Darling