We waited for this day so long and it was so perfect from start to finish!

Friday, September 4, 2015

Arrival at hospital | Our arrival time for pre-op was 8am and we were told surgery would be at 9:30 if no emergencies came up before us. So, it could potentially be 1 o'clock if people that just came into the ER were priority, so we got there at 7:48 hoping that surgery would go as scheduled.
We arrived and gave McKinlee her big sister bag, lots of hugs and kisses and then she went to wait in the waiting room with my mom. They got me to my little corner in the pre-op and had me change into a gown and some lovely socks, and then they started me on monitors. I am no good with anything medical/surgery related, needles, nothing, so they came in to do my IV and of course didn't get it on the first try, so I started feeling really faint, so they got me a wet wash cloth for my head and Justin had to fan me with a magazine until I could get calmed down.
They got my IV in quickly on the second try and I started to feel anxious that we would meet him so soon. We both were a little more nervous this time, I think mostly because with McKinlee my water 
broke, and this time it was just kind of a waiting game.


Operating Room | I remember the operating room being a lot less scary with McKinlee, it seriously looked like a scene out of a movie, I was thinking, let's just do this so I can get out of here. They started my spinal block and about 5 minutes later they were laying me down and getting everything ready to bring Justin in. I was so nervous that it wasn't going to work, I guess I didn't have enough adrenaline going this time around, so I was thinking about everything that could go wrong.


Justin came in | I immediately felt at ease. Just knowing that he was there with me to welcome our son made me feel so calm.

A few tugs and pulls...

Carter Paul Bolinger
September 4, 2015 | 9:48am 
8lbs 11oz | 20 1/4 inches

He's here | Dr. Terry said "some pressure" and I felt a big tug and my belly felt light and then I heard him cry. and cry and cry. All the nurses kept saying, "he's got some lungs!" I was just so thankful to hear him, and know he was here and healthy. I remember asking what his APGAR scores were and how much he weighed and they were like "8 and 9" and "they won't weigh him here, but he's probably at least 9 pounds."
After cleaning him off they came and laid him on my chest, which is something I didn't get to do with McKinlee, but the women's hospital changed their protocol and have allowed the "Golden Hour" where the baby stays with the mother for the first hour of life and promotes skin-to-skin. I loved it so much. I got to nurse him in post-op and he ate for 20 minutes and I just looked at all his perfectness, just the two of us. It was perfect.


Transferred to our room | After about 30-40 minutes of being monitored post-op they took us to our room where we met Daddy and Big Sister. My heart has never felt so full then in that moment when the three people I love most we're together for the first time. I am so truly blessed.

We are so thankful for such a smooth delivery and a healthy baby and thankful to God for trusting us to be the earthly parents to our two beautiful children. I am so in love with this life I've been given.