How Far along | 37 weeks

Size of baby | As long as a stalk of swiss chard{6.25lbs,19 inches}

Gender | BOY

Maternity clothes | If you see me in public don't judge, leggings have officially come pants at this point. My feet are swollen, so pretty much berkinstocks and these croc-like sandals are all I can wear. #thestruggle

Movement | He moves a lot at certain times of the day but he is running out of room.

Sleep | My body is definitely preparing me to have a newborn, up all the time.

Cravings | Rootbeer, ice cold water, just really thirsty all the time.

Best moment of the week | I got his baby book in and started working on it - the only thing left to get is a nursing cover, which I may try to just find a poncho tutorial and call it good. I am so anxious for him to get here! I had an appointment on Wednesday, his heartbeat was 134, I am "closed up", which was not what I wanted to hear and 50% effaced. I still think he is going to come earlier than September 4 but who knows, he may prove us wrong! I will try to get pictures of his nursery up this weekend!

We can't wait to meet you sweet boy, so come anytime!